By Benji, a company selling a premium dog treat approached Propeller to ask us to help them develop their visual and brand identity.  Our graphic design students were set the task of presenting visual ideas, who presented them with full branding guidelines to take their product to market.

55 graphic design students took part in the initial challenge and five student designs were shortlisted. The clients, Richard Blank and Dean Cunningham, chose a design by Liliya Khan.  Liliya won a monetary prize for her efforts as well as receiving the valued experience of working on a ‘live’ business project.  Her idea was then taken forward with the support of the Propeller team to fully realise her ideas making her proposal viable and suitable for the proposed market. This exciting project focused on providing a coherent plan to market high end luxury treats for dogs and as such challenged our preconceptions of what a high end dog treat should not only taste like – it is fit for human consumption – but also how the dog treat market is becoming increasingly competitive. Our design and communication proposals clearly worked. Since the product was launched in 2015, By Benji has delivered treats to thousands of very lucky pooches and the company has gone from success to success.  They have now returned to the school to work with Propeller again to tweak their visual identity and branding strategy to bring it in line with their high-end customers.  They are now working with Stephen Bell and Nick Lovegrove to develop the current visual design ready for the next phase of their marketing, promotion and sales strategy.