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We offer a growing portfolio of bespoke Executive Training, Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses and Short Courses.

Executive Training

What we do

We provide specialist Executive Training and CPD courses for business and industry with a focus on the creative industries. Our bespoke courses range from design thinking to technology focused design including additive manufacture, CAD and design related software.

Our Approach

  • We offer pre-written or bespoke courses.
  • Our Executive Training will give you an insight into leading creative thinking around current and emergent design related issues.
  • Courses include design thinking, architectural CAD, additive manufacture and brand strategies
  • We bring together experts in academia and industry, customising and designing our programmes to solve real business issues to identify the knowledge, behaviours, and actions that will make a powerful impact to any organisation.
  • We are at the forefront of creative thinking, social transformation through the fusion of design, business, technology and an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • All courses are either 2 or 5 days and delivered either on campus, virtually or at our client’s offices.
  • On campus we provide lecture theatres, break-out room, computer suites and physical workshops.
  • Our virtual delivery comprises of the same content to meet the same learning aims and is delivered through and online platform.
  • The virtual delivery can take place over an extended period of time to avoid too much screen time.

We work with world leaders in the creative industries including Jessica Helfand, Jonathan Rowley, Mark Bloomfield, Sam Oxley, Theo Fennell, Ben Twiston-Davies, Catherine Scorey, Ally Capellino, Agnes Lloyd Platt, Marc Rogoff and Maria Grachvogel.

For enquiries please contact Tricia Bryan on 07986839445 /

Executive Training Course Summaries

Creative Art Therapy (CPD) – Innovate practise, research and supervision

This exciting and innovative post-qualifying professional development (CPD) programme offers a flexible modular course that aims to deepen knowledge, develop innovation and integrate creative approaches used in contemporary arts therapy practice. The course is designed to extend skills and share expertise between practising arts therapists; promote and evaluate research methodologies; reflect on and critically evaluate current practice across the arts therapies professions, and embed new learning in our roles as arts therapists and supervisors

Our aim is to bring together divergent groups who will contribute to this programme of learning in a number of ways. This may be through a traditional approach to the subject, an exploratory approach and an approach that allows for testing new ways of working that impact all of those involved. As the delivery is multi-faceted we have purposefully created ‘space’ to explore new ways of working and to perhaps challenge current practice.

Introduction to Art Therapy

Introduction to Art Therapy consists of a sequence of three courses. The courses are stand alone, or you can attend all three courses as a full introduction to understanding the Art Therapy process. Taken together they offer a thorough introduction to the potential for art to act as a form of a therapy through experiential learning, activity and involvement. Participants will be able to develop their own personal creativity while gaining an understanding of how Art Therapy is effective in health care, educational contexts and the workplace.

The three courses are linked through symbolic and expressive art-making, in which participants learn first through doing, then creative making and finally by reflecting on meaning. This course is intended as an opportunity to discover how therapeutic art-making may be adapted to different contexts and clients, linked to key theories of wellbeing.

Architectural CAD – REVIT (CPD)

Revit is used in the construction and architectural industry and is a powerful, industry-standard programme. It enables users to design a building and its components in 3D and annotate the model with 2D drafting elements. Users are also able to access building information from the building model’s database.

Our programme of Revit courses are tailored to your specific requirements allowing you to enhance and advance your skills.


Introduction to Film Editing with Premier Pro (CPD)

This six week course is a beginners’ guide for people who want to be able to make and edit their own films using industry standard software.

Using industry standard software and equipment (if on campus, or your own equipment), you will film a short sequence, learn the essentials of film-editing and how to navigate Adobe Premiere Pro’s menu and tools. In class sessions you will work on a basic project undertaking everything from importing video through editing, adding a soundtrack, creating a title sequence and exporting the final result to the best file format for the purpose.



Photoshop (CPD)

This course is aimed at graphic designers, artists and anyone who wants to work with digital images. It is also appropriate for enthusiastic amateur photographers.

The course will introduce you to the extremely powerful and versatile application Photoshop, which is part of the Adobe Design Suite of applications aimed at professional creatives and is acknowledged as the standard in the creative industries. Photoshop is best described as a digital darkroom and can handle all of the processes that a chemical darkroom would, and more. Even if you have used Photoshop before, you will benefit from learning the application in a methodical way since it will enable you to explore the programme more effectively; grasping the basic principles and giving you a fuller understanding what it is capable of.

Dreamweaver (CPD)

Dreamweaver is the industry standard programme for designing bespoke websites. This course provides a broad, supportive, fun, friendly and reasonably fast-paced environment in which you can explore new approaches to web design. The course includes tutor led teaching, guidance and feedback (both group and individual), open discussions, self-paced activities and group based.

In addition to embarking on learning the principles and practices of website design, development and publishing, you will also have the opportunity to design and build your own site using Dreamweaver.


Autocad (CPD)

Autocad is the most widely used technical drawing software and is well known in 2D CAD for either professional or personal use in a wide range of fields from product design to architecture. You will be introduced to both theory and practice of digital drawing equipping you with the knowledge and skills to use the software to created and present professional, technical drawings. We can adjust the level of learning according to the students needs.

The course will be delivered as a series of short lectures, which will be reinforced by a variety of practical exercises. The later sessions will include a surgery for troubleshooting and support in a small group. Topics and techniques covered include:

Introduction to 3D Printing. COLLIDE-O-SCOPE (CPD)
Using narrative to drive design

There’s a story behind every business, every industry and every product or service on the market today. This project explores how stories can be used to drive the design process by giving you the opportunity to tell your own story through the production of a small 3D Printed diorama.

This course offers students the opportunity to understand and interpret narrative to drive design. The focus is on technology, 3D printing and the ability to translate stories into design content. There will be a focused presentation of design outcomes and the combination of software tools with hand techniques to create compelling presentations.

International Luxury Business and Design (CPD)

This programme provides a unique opportunity to participate in a course of study in focusing on all things luxury. Working with experts from industry and academia you will develop an in-depth knowledge of business and design and its implementation within a luxury context.

As the global luxury market is facing challenges through new approaches to retail, branding, manufacture and the influence of social media new strategies are now required to ensure longevity and continued success. Understand how the world of luxury works through an engaging and interactive approach to history, design, consumption, branding and technology. Work with designers, brand strategists, social media influencers to develop an understanding of the core issues that impact on the global world of luxury through innovative approaches to addressing the challenges at hand.

Short Courses

We offer a range of short courses from traditional art and design to cutting edge digital applications.  Our courses are delivered on campus and on-line during the day, in the evenings and at weekends.

Click here to see all of our short courses.