Propeller, the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire in-house creative agency offers a unique service to industry where design and business are inextricably linked.

We will be hosting a set of unique and innovative events and projects encouraging local businesses to get involved, engage with us through working with our experts and students in design.

Would you like to explore new or alternative ways of approaching problem solving within your organisation? Are you looking to rebrand, launch a new product, consider the interior design of your spaces, develop social media campaigns or commission photography? The breadth of skills, knowledge and personnel available to us means we can provide solutions to complex (or simple!) problems in a way that might elude standard design teams.

There are two fantastic opportunities for you to engage with us:


Design Sprints

We are looking for design challenges! If you have a design problem that needs solving let us solve it for you. Over one week we will be running a live event focusing on projects set by business with ideas generated by our excellent students.

We promise to change the way you think about design and creative practice. Our multi-disciplinary teams will take on the challenges your business is facing, re-imagining your issues to generate creative solutions that surprise and inspire you.

Our young, fresh thinking approach will involve teams of creative students who will tackle the issues your business is facing and could include:

“My logo and identity is looking a little tired, how can we improve our image?”

“I need to find unusual ways to generate more customers, what could I do?”

“My business is facing increased competition due to the reach of the internet, how can we remain competitive?”

“How can we use social media to effectively engage a younger demographic?”

“How could our office encourage staff to informally collaborate?”

Using the Design Sprint process pioneered by Google, we will use the combined talents of our students and experts to tackle real-world problems given to us by you, regional businesses. For one week only, our students will ideate prototypes and test solutions.

So come along and challenge us, you never know where it may take you.

If you’d like to send us your problem download this form and email to Tricia Bryan


The Design of Business: The Business of Design
Providing Solutions to Complex Problems

Dates – 21st to 25th October 2019

The evening event will introduce you to the work of Herts Propeller and give you the opportunity to experience our studio in action. You will meet our talented teams of students who will also be generating design solutions on the night at our pop-up Propeller studio. They will be there to show you how creativity and design thinking can make a difference.

Aside from a fantastic introduction to the work of Propeller, giving you the experience of a live creative studio in action, you will have the opportunity to quiz our guest speakers from innovative design-led businesses who will be in conversation with the team.

There will be food (delicious curry), drinks and exhibits that showcase, highlight and engage you in the creative processes first hand. You will also see the outcomes of the challenges you set us in a display of the Design Sprint projects.