Expectant parents at the University hospital are expecting great things from our Illustration students.  The fundraising manager at the maternity ward, Sarah Amexheta, approached the School to set our students the task of turning a very sterile environment into a more soothing and calming space.

This adult ward can be a very stressful place for patients and families to spend time in, as is any hospital environment. ,  Our students have taken on the task of transforming the wall spaces to make the ward a more calming and comfortable place to be.  Patients and staff from all walks of life, different ages, different backgrounds, many speaking different languages spend a lot of time there, so the images and tone must be able to speak positively to all.

25 students have taken part in the challenge. The winning designers are: Lisa Connatty, Zovina Savva, Jordan Pilgrim, Alice Lane, Ruian Cui, Calvin Tsang, Shuning Ji and Charmane Nelson

The winning images are about to be digitally printed by C2 Group/Print Force and displayed in various places in the ward – including the waiting room, the main birthing corridors and the surgery corridors – and many will have laminated protection, placed directly onto the walls so will appear as a seamless interior design.

This very exciting project will help the hospital ward become a more interesting place to work and a more comfortable place for patients to spend time.