Creative Vision

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new and exciting CPD in Art Therapy.

This post-qualifying professional development (CPD) programme offers a flexible modular course that aims to deepen knowledge, develop innovation and integrate creative approaches used in contemporary arts therapy practice; extend the skills and share the expertise between practising arts therapists; promote and evaluate research methodologies; reflect on and critically evaluate current practice across the arts therapies professions.

Fundamental to the programme is an understanding of the role of creativity, art-making and performative expression in the arts therapies and the interconnection between the different art modalities underpinned by art-based research, supervision and reflective practice.

The programme will be informed by contemporary research and innovative practice developments both locally in the UK and internationally in the creative and expressive arts therapy professions.

The overall aim of the course is to encourage a collaborative exchange between the professions of art, music, drama, and movement therapy as we seek to enrich contemporary practice through the shared exchange of learning, discussion, critical review and research.

To achieve the aim of creative collaboration across the arts therapies professions the programme will be designed by practitioners, educators and researchers from the distinct arts modalities, informed by new developments from colleagues, peers and partners in the integral and expressive arts therapy communities, and delivered by a wide range of creative arts therapies practitioners.

Modular Structure

The modular structure is designed for flexibility, allowing course participants to join for the whole training package across three semesters or join for two modules in any one semester.

Each semester will consist of two 6 week modules. Each module will consist of 6 two hour webinar training/workshop sessions delivered by specialist UK practitioners, alumni colleagues from University of Hertfordshire School of Creative Arts, and international partners from the field of creative and expressive arts therapies. Each 6 week module will include the following webinar content:

  • Current debate and innovation – presentation of current research with chaired discussion
  • Practice development: theory, technique, method and innovation – lecture format
  • Skills, methods and approaches – presentation and pair response using the arts
  • Supervision skills, knowledge & methods – using art-based reflective supervisory approach
  • Integration of the arts across modalities – workshops using all of the arts
  • Practice into research – completing the reflective cycle – research skills, methods & developments

CPD Certification

This course can be accessed with entry points at the beginning of each semester with options to complete two modules per semester or all 6 modules can be taken during any one academic year. Completion of all 6 modules will receive additional certification in supervisory practice with an additional certificate for the research component. Completion of two modules will receive a CPD certificate of attendance.

Course Participants

This modular programme will be delivered at post-graduate level 4. Students will be qualified creative arts and expressive arts therapists, registered to practice in their home country. The programme is aimed at qualified, registered and practising art, drama and music therapists in the UK and registered expressive arts therapists worldwide.

For further information, please contact Tricia Bryan: or 07986 839445 or visit,-research-and-supervision