Interior Architecture & Design graduates worked through Propeller Studio to provide interior design concepts for Hatfield based Afro-Caribbean restaurant Agogosfoods.  The new restaurant is owned by graduates from the University of Hertfordshire, Jide Ariyo, Blanchard Campbell and Nahom Teweldemedhin.

Margarita Kochonovskaja, who graduated with a first class honours in Interior Architecture & Design last year, worked on the concept featuring bright colours, wall art, hanging lights and an industrial style ceiling.

Agogosfood food is a contemporary Afro-Caribbean restaurant so wanted to steer away from the traditional design of the Jamaican flag.  They wanted a fresh approach to their interior design which would help attract people to this new style of food.  They approached Propeller Studio to enable them to utilize the talent and approach which enabled them to visualize their new fusion restaurant.


“A really helpful team from the Art and Design staff and a productive experience. Great for us to also be able to provide real life post university experience which the student can add to their portfolio in the future.”

Nahom Teweldemedhin