Modeclix the world’s first fully customisable 3D printed textile has been made commercially available for the first time through a licensing agreement with Additive. This exciting new venture will, through collaboration offer unique opportunities for other designers to use Modeclix in innovative ways further expanding its use.

Jonathan Rowley, former Design Director at Additive “The joy of Modeclix is that it’s a 3D printed textile system that anyone can exploit, freeing them from the obstacle of having to draw the finished object in CAD. It’s a modular sheet made up of modular units, where the creativity is in the hands of anyone. It’s a fabric form of Lego. Just like Lego, it’s reconfigurable; when you’ve had enough of one form, you can break it down and turn it in to something else. So it’s not only creatively infinitely versatile, it’s also re-useable and in the realm of fashion that sustainability credential is invaluable. Another sustainability benefit comes from the fact that by 3D printing in flat sheets (one on top of the other) a remarkably large proportion of the Nylon powder material is consumed by the object, meaning that waste powder is minimised.”