St Albans District Council Planning Office

Planning to work in 3D?  Well St Albans City District Council are!  They commissioned the Digital Hack Lab to build a browse ‘able virtual 3D model to enable them to visualise and test new building proposals coming through their planning department.  This experimental project was proposed as the council wanted to visually track on-going building and restoration projects taking place in St Albans City Centre.

The project proposes to create a virtual 3D model of central St Albans which will be fully editable and accurately measurable.  Mark Bloomfield who is leading the development said: –

“Building a Virtual 3D Model of St Albans, initially to situate town planning proposals in the context of its existing infrastructure, has revealed many unexpected ways that this data can be used that goes far beyond new buildings.

Ideas around the future of the high street, engagement with the city for both young and old, expressing environmental concerns and how services and activities can be enhanced both on and off line are just a few of the areas being explore in this ongoing project with St Albans City Council. The future of the city has never looked brighter”.

Visiting Professor Mark Bloomfield is currently working on the development of the prototype with the support of Interior Architecture and Design graduate Lana Stockton. Lana comments:-

“This is a fascinating research and commercial project to work on. My role within the project is to work with Mark in creating the 3D building masses and urban characteristics for the interactive map. I have worked with Mark in the past on a model restoration project, and is great to get the opportunity to work on another project with him again.”

Watch this space for the final outcome!