Corporate Team Away Days

Have you been given the task of arranging a team away day? The Creative Ideas Office in the School of Creative Arts offers expert advice in creating and running team building events.

With facilities ranging from lecture theatres and corporate meeting rooms to large and spacious creative studios, an onsite catering team, and more, we offer team building away days tailored to your company.

Just tell us what you’re looking for in an away day, and our team will work with you to plan an enjoyable, informative and inspiring day to help you achieve your goals.


Why go on a team away day?

Team away days are often underrated. From strengthening team relationships to sharing ideas and planning projects our away days are interesting, fun, interactive and productive.

Away from your usual office environment, you can enjoy the freedom from interruptions and take the time to develop closer team relationships, learn how to work better together, and much more.

Corporate Team Away Days

Why choose us?

We’ll listen carefully to what you want to achieve and help you plan a day to accomplish these goals. We offer more than generic away days. From designing the content of the day and running activities in our fully equipped studios, to organising catering, we are there every step of the way to help you plan a day to remember.


Activity Ideas for Team Away Days

Our team away days offer you the freedom and flexibility to plan almost anything you’d like to explore. From trying your hand at a new skill such as printmaking or stop frame animation to working with materials such as clay and glass or having a team photoshoot, we can help you build a day of activities that boosts employee motivation, strengthens team bonding, and inspires creative thinking.

Team away days also give you a chance to reward your team and say ‘thank you’ with an enjoyable day out of the office, whilst also benefitting your company through enhancing team spirit and motivation.


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